Source of the River Crouch
River Crouch west entrance to Memorial Park
River Crouch east end of Memorial Park
River Crouch flowing under railway bridge

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The River Crouch

The route and information about the inhabitants of its banks.

The River Crouch rises through a series of springs into ponds situated on Burstead Golf Club, it briefly travels south, before heading east towards Wickford.

In Wickford the river travels east passing under Sugden Avenue and Castledon Road, before turning south and passing under London Road. After passing under the London Road in Wickford the river then flows through the town in a concrete channel, usually a small channel, but this is part of a much larger channel in case of flooding. This passes under the Nevendon Road, London Road, Lower Southend Road and the A132.

The river continues eastward bound again then passes through Memorial Park. The River Crouch Conservation Trust have spent some time clearing debris from this stretch of the river. The Trust organisises work parties to clear up this debris.

After Memorial Park the river continues eastbound passing under the A130 and A1245 before reaching Battlesbridge.

The route of the River crouch through Wickford is marked on a Google Map.
Click on the points for information and zoom in to see more detail.
Crouch through Wickford Map

From the Bridge at Battlesbridge is the start of the 17.5 mile River Crouch Navigation.

The link to the map below will show points of interest along the navigation. Please let me know if you have any information about them. I will continue to add to them as and when I can. River Crouch Navigation

Map of the River Crouch

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